High quality animal feed for farm animals.

Fishmeal is an important ingredient in feed for farm animals, especially for piglets.

Due to the high content of essential nutrients such as amino acids and other fatty acids as well as the high energy value of fishmeal and fish oil are, without equal, the most valuable ingredients in diets for many land-farmed animals.

Several studies document effects such as improved feed intake, growth etc. in cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry (Source:

Due to the high omega-3 content in fishmeal, it is a natural “functional animal feed”, which contributes to good animal health. Moreover, humans benefit from products produced from farm animals fed on feed containing fish meal, also known as “functional feed”.


We want to be your preferred supplier of marine feed ingredients

TripleNine is an important link in the feed-to-food chain and as one of the world's largest producers of fishmeal and fish oil, we offer the following:

  • Through the production of high quality premium feed ingredients, a better performance in animal health and growth is obtained
  • Full traceability to species and origin
  • Pure products free from contaminants, pathogenic organisms and mycotoxins, natural toxins etc.
  • Quality testing according to the highest standards
  • Production is performed in respect for the use of valuable marine resources and certified according to the MarinTrust program
  • Close partnerships with focus on innovation, sustainability and tailor-made win-win solutions that create better results for breeders and feed producers

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