We ensure that the raw material is handled in an effective way


We ensure that the raw material is handled in an effective way.

Fast and efficient unloading

  • We unload approx. 175 tonnes per hour
  • Good depth at quay: 12 meters
  • Freshwater Supply
  • Delivery of Soft Acid-Aqua E (acetic acid)
  • Crew change: Distance to airport 1 hour. 
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Bunkering and provisioning

A variety of service companies in the mechanical and other industries.

Raw materials Procurement

You always get competitive conditions by contacting us on phone +47 70199950 or mobile +47 90 50 42 69.


Before and after unloading

Veddevika is sensitive to spills due to low water circulation combined with nearby industry and much recreational boats traffic. Therefore, we have strict requirements for discharges.

Ships arriving at Vedde must have drained all the cooling water well in advance of arrival.

Flushing and washing of tanks after unloading shall be carried out in a manner that does not result in discharges to the sea.
The upper limit for volatile nitrogen in raw materials is 90.


Cut off from the human consumption industry

TripleNine Vedde AS is an important renovator for the consumer industry in our area. 
Each year we receive 20,000 - 25,000 tonnes of trimmings, mainly herring trimmings delivered by boat.
5,000 tonnes are collected by truck from human consumption facilities. At our onshore reception, we mill the cut off before we run it into the raw material tanks together with the other raw material.

Your contacts

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Ola Dybvik

Chief Executive Officer