More than 70 years of experience

As our story implicates, TripleNine is a result of cooperation and several mergers with the aim to create the best possible solutions in our industry.

Our story still lies within our DNA as we always seek to find new business partners and new ways to develop both our organization and the industry.


The very first phone number is 999.

In 1948 Andelssildeoliefabrikken a.m.b.a. is founded as the first of its kind by 52 local fishermen in the Danish town of Esbjerg. The phone had become the primary tool for contact and the very first phone number was 999 - a number which came to play a significant role for our organization.

Facts and figures:

  • On August 15, four cutters land a total of 49 tonnes of herring.
  • The factory first runs on August 17, 1948, producing 1600 kg of meal.
  • The budget for a season was 90 tonnes of heering, and the herring season ends with a deficit of over DKK 100,000.
  • Net turnover (1952): DKK 3.356.000

Factory capacity is expanded.
New factories are established.

Several similar businesses is established along the west coast of Denmark, one of them is A/S Vestjysk Sildeoliendustri (VSI).

In the 1950s, the sand eel and the sperling becomes important as commercial fish species as raw materials for the fishmeal factories.

Facts and figures:

  • VSI net turnover (1953): DKK 2.951.000
  • Number of fishing boats: 40 fishing boats delivers 9,000 tons of fish (1953)

In 1955-56 Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri A/S is established on the location known today as the main production facilities of TripleNine.

During the 1960s, Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri lease was enlarged several times due to increasing quantities of industrial fish.

Another two important companies where founded namely The Fishmeal Factory, Rønland (1955) and Vesterhavet A/S (1960).

Facts and figures:

  • Vesterhavet A/S net turnover 1960: DKK 3.203.000
1977 - 1982

Consolidations within the industry.

In 1977 Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri acquire Rønland and years later, in 1982, A/S Vestjysk Sildeoliendustri establishes Vestjysk Fiskemelsfabrik a.m.b.a. (VFF) and takes over Vesterhavet A/S later on.

This happens as a part of ingoing consolidations within the industry.

Facts and figures:

  • VFF net turnover (1982): DKK 202.050.000
1989 - 1997

Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. is established.

In 1989 Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. is established as a merger of Andelssildeoliefabrikken a.m.b.a. and Vestjysk Fiskemelsfabrik a.m.b.a. Now this company is the only fishmeal factory left in Esbjerg.

In 1997 Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. acquires Hvidesande Fiskemelsfabrik.

Facts and figures:

  • Esbjerg Fiskeindustri net turnover (1990): DKK 536.565.000

TripleNine a.m.b.a. is a reality due to a merger between Esbjerg Fiskeindustri a.m.b.a. and Thyborøn Andels Fiskeindustri.

The name for the new company was inspired by the first telephone number, 999.


In 2012 TripleNine a.m.b.a. is converted to a private limited company. 

In 2013 TripleNine merges with the Norwegian Koppernæs Group to form the largest fishmeal and fish oil company in Scandinavia under the name of TripleNine Group A/S.

The merger with the Koppernæs Group includes two other fishmeal and fishoil companies:

  • Vedde AS in Norway
  • Lota Protein S.A. in Chile