Marine ingredients feed the world.

Marine ingredients provide essential nutrients for human health, indirectly through the farmed animals that we eat and directly through the consumption of fish oil capsules.

Just as fishmeal and fish oil play a vital role in the growth and health of farmed fish, these essential proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins are then passed on to humans.

Our product solutions are valued as some of the most efficient ingredients in nutritional and functional feed for Aquaculture, Agriculture and Pet food.

As one of the largest manufacturers of fishmeal and fish oil it is a fundamental premise of our business to ensure a high product quality and safety. The resources used in our products originate from the seas all over the world and we focus on sourcing from areas where there is a natural and abundant occurrence of the raw produce.


Fishmeal and fish oil are mainly produced from harvesting stocks of small, bony fish which reproduce rapidly and, for which, there is a limited demand for human consumption.

The use of rest raw material/trimmings from the filleting industry means a minimum of waste in the production. A significant part of the raw materials come from recycled by-products from fisheries, from processing of both wild caught and farmed fish.

In order to meet our objectives:

  • TripleNine is very conscious of its role in the food chain, and the quality of our products must naturally reflect this. This is fulfilled by observing the food safety policies and the rules of GMP + B2.
  • We seek to be at the cutting edge of the technological development within the industry. Therefore, we consider both the social and environmental impacts in developing and producing our products.

Our products supports the growth and health of animals

We focus on producing high quality fishmeal and fish oil with a high level of digestible proteins, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids as well as essential vitamins and minerals.

This allows for full exploitation of animal growth potential and increased profitability. Besides the natural and healthy omega-3 acids are proved to benefit the health and prolong the lifespan of animals.

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