TripleNine Esbjerg is located right out to the North Sea at the Danish west coast.

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TripleNine Esbjerg holds various facilities

  • Storage and mixing facilities
  • Meal and oil cleaning facilities
  • Processing of phospholipids and value added special products

Our sales, logistics and administration are also placed in Esbjerg.


  • Annual handling: 30,000 tonnes of fish meal and 25,000 tonnes of fish oil.


  • All fishmeal production facilities are certified according to MarinTrust.
  • Only raw materials from sustainable fishing according to the FAO and ICES are used.

We have set ourselves an obligation to aid our customers in creating value.

As for now TripleNine Esbjerg is focused around three pillars as our playing field:

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Value Chain Services

We offer solutions for our customers to make their supply chain more efficient and give them competitive edge.

Either by physical handling and storage of products or by managing the paperwork on matters of Customs, VAT or EU-Bordercontrol.

Value Added Processing

We offer solutions to our customers to make their ingrediens better - either by clean-tech or enhancement of product features.

Especially our dioxin-removal facilities is suited for customers who take responsibility and care about dioxin being accumulated throughout the foodchain - and actively want to contribute to the movement of removing environmental pollutants from the foodchain.

Because we care…

Customer Value Innovation

We innovate to discover new and strategic ingredients to offer our customers. We experiment with solutions to offer better health and nutritional ingredients. We are seeking co-creations with customers for mutual benefits.

The pillars are not only apparent from our activities but also from our mindset in all we do: service-minded, valuable efforts and innovative - is what we shall be recognized on.
The ultimate goal we always strive for, is that customers always prefer us.


The TripleNine Esbjerg Reach

We facilitate this by our means of leadership – and enable that the best employee selects us to unleash their full potential.

Employee selects us - Customers prefer us - Societies welcomes us

The TripleNine reach

Your contacts

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Henrik Sørensen

Chief Excutive Officer

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Kenneth Storbank

Chief Commercial Officer