World wide sales and production facilities

TripleNine comprises a number of companies in Denmark, Norway and Chile.

Common to all the companies is that the production facilities are certified according to the MarinTrust and use only raw materials from sustainable fisheries are used according to FAO and ICES.
Our mission is to source marine resources and add value through production of high quality nutritional and functional ingredients sold on the BTB market world wide.

Our strength lies in our human resources

TripleNine regards its employees as a crucial resource for the individual companies and we are continuously investing in order to make our workplaces appealing and thus achieve a high professional standard compared with local conditions.

  • Moreover, our aim is to offer our employees ample opportunities for self-development and education in order to ensure high professional standards compared with local conditions.
  • We actively take responsibility for our employees in the countries in which we are present and we ensure compliance with local health and safety legislation.
  • Furthermore, it is company policy to encourage the managers of the individual companies to aim for personal development in order to promote development of the organisation as well as the staff.
TripleNine Esbjerg logo Positive.png

TripleNine Esbjerg

TripleNine Esbjerg holds faciities for storage and mixing, fishmeal and oil cleaning and processing of phospholipids.

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TripleNine Thyborøn logo Positive.png

TripleNine Thyborøn

Thyborøn has facilities for handling large volumes of raw materials and production facilities producing high quality fishmeal and fish oil.

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TripleNine Vedde logo Positive.png

TripleNine Vedde

TripleNine Vedde is a cutting-edge production company that produces fish meal and fish oil of the highest quality.

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TripleNine Lota logo Positive.png

TripleNine Lota

TripleNine Lota manufactures excellent fishmeal and fish oil for the most demanding animal feed industry in the world.

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