TripleNine Lota manufactures excellent fishmeal and fish oil for the most demanding animal feed industry in the world.

It does so with the highest environmental and labour standards, worrying about keeping an optimal relationship with the community. TripleNine Lota is a modern production company that produces and sells fish meal and fish oil of the highest quality.


  • 1995: Lota Protein S.A. sets up a fish meal production by purchasing raw produce from local fishermen and the haul collected by the company’s own fleet.
  • 2000: The company joins the Norwegian Koppernæs Group, and new sophisticated technologies are implemented at the production facility.
  • 2004: Lota Protein S.A. is fully owned by Koppernæs Group and is now both a sales and manufacturing company.

Quality certification

The Lota Protein plant holds the MarinTrust certification, granted by the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO). This certification guarantees the company’s commitment to responsibly sourcing raw materials and the safe production of fishmeal and fish oil ingredients that it provides.


  • Annual production: 110,000 tonnes of raw material
  • Daily production: 1,500 tonnes of raw material

Your contacts

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Simon Gundelach

Chief Executive Officer