Our core values expresses the unique characteristics and function of our organization.

Teamwork, Honesty, Continious Improvement and Responsibility are four values which are deeply incorporated in our organization.

An open, genuine global culture enables us to care deeply about our purpose, the local and global environment and each other and thereby fulfill our mission.

Each of the four values are supported by a set of behaviors which we respect and follow.



  • We commit to common goals based on open, honest and transparent communication while showing concern and support for each other
  • We give constructive and solution oriented feedback
  • We share knowledge and seek win-win solutions


  • We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine
  • We build trust through clear and constructive communication with employees, customers and stakeholders

Continuous Improvement

  • We always strive to find ways to improve and challenge excisting practices
  • We take action and identify long term solutions to our challenges
  • We recognize meaningful and outstanding performances


  • We hold ourselves responsible for results and deliver our best in all we do
  • We strive to ensure safe production processes with minimum environmental impact

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Jes Bjerregaard

Chief Executive Officer

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Kenneth Storbank

Chief Commercial Officer