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June 2021

TripleNine Thyborøn A/S appoints new CEO

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New CEO at TripleNine Thyborøn A/S.

Morten Broberg has been appointed the new CEO of TripleNine Thyborøn A/S. His appointment took effect on the 1st of June 2021.

Morten Broberg has been in the company since August 2019. He was previously the Purchasing Director of the company and will continue to be a part of TripleNine Group's International Management Team.

Prior to Morten Broberg's appointment as CEO, TripleNine Thyborøn A/S was, for some time, led by TripleNine Group's CEO Jes Bjerregaard together with, among others, Factory Manager Daniel Friis Baun, who will no longer work in TripleNine Thyborøn. In the future, Morten Broberg will continue to refer to Jes Bjerregaard.

 “Morten Broberg is the right person to lead TripleNine Thyborøn A/S,” says Jes Bjerregaard. “With his extensive experience within the industry from purchasing, sales, production and management, the company and our employees will be in really good hands. I know that Morten Broberg will continue to run the company's positive development forward in this challenging and internationally competitive industry”.

“I am very happy to take on the role as CEO of TripleNine Thyborøn A/S,” says the new CEO, Morten Broberg. “Together with my colleagues at TripleNine, I will continue the good work of building and developing a profitable company, as well as strengthening the positive ties with the local and international suppliers of the company in this constantly changing industry. It is also very important to me that we can maintain a good and healthy workplace in Thyborøn for many years to come”.

For further information, contact CEO of TripleNine Group A/S, Jes Bjerregaard, on 21 70 46 69 or, or CEO of TripleNine Thyborøn A/S, Morten Broberg, on 61 15 45 50 or